Organic certification

BERG products are ABCERT organically certified Regulation "EG-ko-Verordnung" (EWG) 2092/91 was passed to protect consumers in order to avoid any abuse of the protected terms "Bio" or "ko" (i.e. organic). It provides for a control system to which all producers, processors and importers must subject themselves.
The checks are carried out by private control offices such as ABCERT AG. These are officially authorised and are monitored by governmental control agencies. The control offices must fulfil the European norms of EN 45011 (Quality Management and Documentation). This is designed to ensure that there are equivalent controls in all EU countries.
The "EG-ko-Verordnung" basically regulates the following:
  • Prohibition of synthetic and mineral easily soluble fertiliser pesticides harmful to the environment
  • Use of seeds of ecological quality.
  • Prohibition of additives and exipients harmful to environment and health
  • All ingredients must be of ecological origins, only in case of non-availability up to 5% of ingredients may be of conventional origin
  • Complete documentation of purchases and sales as well as production. Producer and processor may not use any genetically modified organisms or derivatives thereof.
ABCERT AG will collect detailed operational data during the first check in the company. Afterwards there will be at least one extensive check of the whole company per year. The following documents need to be present according to the EU's organic directive:
  • The farmer has to submit extensive cultivation plans for his fields for monitoring purposes and to ensure crop rotation so that no more organic products are sold than produced.
  • Accounts must be kept detailing purchase of fertilisers, soil improving agents and seeds as well as all sold products.
  • Companies processing organic products must document and disclose sales and purchases of agricultural products, additives and processing materials.
Here, checks also ensure that no more organic products are sold than previously purchased as organic raw materials.
In addition to the regular checks there are unannounced spot checks and follow-up checks. The control system includes all processing levels. Thus, when it comes to the BERG cosmetics range, the supplier of the herbs/raw materials (Sdtiroler Krutergold/Kruterschlssl) is checked, just like the production company creating the cosmetic products from the raw materials (Agripharma).
Only if all statutory standards are met the products are awarded the certificate "organic" by Abcert.