All herbs and substances used for producing the BERG cosmetics range are provided by the company Südtiroler Kräutergold/Kräuterschlössl which does not use any chemical pesticides, copper, sulphur or artificial fertilisers.
Plant growth is boosted by targeted ground treatments (raking the fields weekly), mixed crops, crop rotation and distribution of compost. The majority of all operational steps are done manually, from wild collection, propagation by seed, planting, harvesting and grafting the herbs to the final product ready for sale.
Processing: During the drying process the harvested herbs are spread out thinly and gently dehydrated on the drying chamber. A dehydration device withdraws moisture from the herbs at a room temperature of 30-35C. Drying can take between 10 and 48 hours. The dried herbs are stored in large paper sacks in the raw material warehouse until they are processed further. Some herbs are rubbed in a special machine to separate the stems from the leaves. For bagging individual herbs, tea and spice mixtures only the leaves are used. The selected herbs and blossoms are carefully mixed according to the respective recipe and quick-frozen in a paper sack for at least 24 hours. This is done to kill off any egg deposits and insect larvae not visible to the eye. Only then can the bagging process for the production of BERG organic cosmetics be handed over to an authorised enterprise for packaging the goods.