Bath products

Thyme Foot Bath Salts 200 ml

A foot spa with this bath salt immediately relieves and
soothes tired, swollen legs. Thyme has antibacterial, fungus
and anti-inflammatory properties; mint refreshes.

Melissa bath (stimulating) 150 ml

This bath additive is a concentrate from active plant ingredients with mainly a reviving and tonic effect. Mint and melissa refresh and generally provide well-being. Arnica and alpine rose regenerate, stimulate and particularly strengthen the muscles. Alpine rose increases the skin‘s metabolism and
firms the skin.

Edelweiss bath (harmonising) 150 ml

This bath additive increases your well-being. It is a concentrate rich in active plant ingredients. The edelweiss and alpine rose extracts not only have a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin, but the high Proportion of tannins, in particular, stimulates the skin‘s metabolism, strengthens and firms it. In short, these ingredients combat sagging skin. Application: add the desired quantity of the concentrate to the bath water. Shake before use.